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As the size and scope of marketing campaigns grows, and direct marketing expands, the need for lead management software increases. The Lead Management System is one of three types of Contact Management Software.

Recent research has shown that the average B2B organization actually fully utilizes only 6 % of the leads generated per year. If you're like many sales and marketing professionals, the time and money you will spend on lead generation and management this year will not yield the results you're looking for.  

The Lead Management Group presents a robust and scalable solution that increases efficiency in the sales process by organizing sales and contact information. This software allows you to follow large numbers of leads through the sales process. You can follow the progress of the entire sales force, individual sales staff, or individual leads.

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     Lead Management Software is customer relationship management, sales automation software packages designed for the corporate marketing or sales departments. The focus of the Lead Management products goes well beyond contact management software. Lead Management Software is a group of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that address not only the sales automation needs of a company but also take into consideration a company's lead tracking software requirements including field contact management needs.  

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